Loes van Marlestraat 14
1382 ML Weesp (NL)
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Visitor information

How nice of you to stop by! We've got coffee and some tips ready for you.

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Our office
Loes van Marlestraat 14
1382 ML Weesp (NL)
+31 85 200 78 72

By public transport.

Taking the train?
Travel to NS station Weesp. Take the exit towards the P&R grounds. This is the northeast side (Leeuwenveldseweg). From there it is another ± 250 meters by footcar.

Taking the bus?
Take bus 110 or 210 to Nijverheidslaan stop, in Weesp. From there it is a ± 100 meter walk to our office.

By car.

Drive to Weesp with your favorite navigation app or your best topographic talent. Park for the lowest cost at the P+R lot near NS station Weesp. Charging stations are also available here. During the day, parking is free. But do check the signs for the specific times and rates. You can use zone code 17327 in your parking app.

You can also park in our street, although the parking fees are a bit higher. Check the website of Gemeente Amsterdam for current rates. If you park in the Loes van Marlestraat, use zone code 17343 in your parking app.

By bicycle.

First of all: a big round of applause for you!

A good choice for your health and a big thumps up from Mother Nature as well. Best of all, if you come by bike, you can park right in front of our office.

Positieve maatschappelijke impact

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Or do you have another question? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to further assist you.

See you soon!

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