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“The good kind
of crazy”


Quite strange.

Indeed, not a little strange, but a lot. In a good way, of course. TrailBlazers is organized differently than many other organizations. At TrailBlazers we can talk about everything and many things are possible. The TrailBlazers DNA that flows through our veins ensures that we and our clients thrive in our unique way of working together. Driven by our mission to make a positive impact on society, we fight to make the world a more beautiful place.

Trailblazers Trailblazers
Trailblazers Trailblazers Trailblazers

The TrailBlazers.

  • Superpower: Curiosity and thinking in possibilities (and risks).
  • Creates impact by: Starting TrailBlazers, eating as little meat as possible, eating as much organic food as possible, and travelling by public transportation and bike. Investing in restaurant Neder in Alkmaar.
  • Superpower: I am the glue that turns a group of developers into a team.
  • Creates impact by: I am a speaker at conferences, have helped organize Devoxx4Kids events, and much more (such as being a leader in scouting in the past, for example).
  • Superpower: Making connections. Bringing people and things together and combining things.
  • Creates impact by: Proving that women can work perfectly in IT. I organize meetups with Duchess, speak at conferences, and organize Devoxx4Kids.
  • Superpower: I am very strong analytically, always remain calm, always willing to explain things.
  • Creates impact by: I make the biggest impact in my family with four children. I do my best to be conscious of our environment, and have installed solar panels. In my work, I try to help everyone do their job as well as possible.
  • Superpower: Positivity, enthusiasm.
  • Creates impact by: On a voluntary basis, I support acquaintances and strangers. For example, software development for RegMed, chairing a music theater group, website management, and stage lighting for performances. I am always open to helping people.
  • Superpower: My analytical skills.
  • Creates impact by: Nothing special.
  • Superpower: Can turn a group of people into a team.
  • Creates impact by: I help organizations become more humane. Well-being above wealth! Additionally, I help the Scrum community by translating the Scrum Guide into Dutch.
  • Superpower: Connecting, generating ideas, and creating.
  • Creates impact by: Starting trailblazers. Contributing to various charities. Taking care of my fellow human beings/animals.
  • Superpower: In a team, I am a connector. I bring people together under a common goal. On my own, I am a builder. I get excited about translating an idea into a good design and implementation.
  • Creates impact by: I work at Trailblazers, I donate to charities, I make my house more sustainable, and I have adopted a teacher.
  • Superpower: Connecting.
  • Creates impact by: I help people and organizations to connect and collaborate in a pleasant way.
  • Superpower: Deliver quality, be flexible, and able to handle stress.
  • Creates impact by: Small things like smiling at a stranger or holding the door open for someone are my way of behaving, spending time and effort on charities is a passion of mine, and I am always looking for ways to help
  • Superpower: Imagining. Both in a professional and personal context.
  • Creates impact by: I enjoy giving technical advice to those who are struggling with it and sometimes I also perform the task myself, especially for elderly people who didn't grow up with a keyboard or smartphone.
  • Superpower: I have a tremendous drive to embark on a change process and bring it to a successful conclusion.
  • Creates impact by: I offer assistance to others with their online affairs such as online banking, online tax affairs, etc.
  • Superpower: Social
  • Creates impact by: Problem-solving thinking, taking care of the people and animals around me, and being realistic.

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Are you a TrailBlazer wannabe?!

Did you get some butterflies in your stomach when viewing this page? Maybe the love is mutual! Our team is always looking for new talent or experienced innovators. You might be the next TrailBlazer!

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