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we got { Java experts }

The TrailBlazers way.

Experienced software developers, scrum masters and agile coaches to temporarily strengthen your team. But we do it the TrailBlazer way. We are flexible, work together in a unique manner and - perhaps most importantly - we pay attention to the world around us. Together with our clients, we strive for an abundance of positive influence.

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Unique way of working together.
TrailBlazers work proactively, self-managing and agile.

Positive social impact. Building a better world together.

We can talk about everything, and many things are possible. Flexible deployment of motivated employees.

Standing strong together.

A tad different.

At TrailBlazers, the way we do things is a little bit different. Or actually: a lot. Within TrailBlazers, everyone's voice and vote counts equally. All important business decisions are made together. We share the goal of making positive social impact. In our own way, we all try to make the world a more beautiful place.

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we need { Java experts }

The good kind of crazy.

A TrailBlazer is the good kind of crazy. We can talk about everything and many things are possible. We decide as a team how to divide the profit. And, if that profit is not there, we decide together how to solve it. Salaries are no secret. We define our salaries together. There is an ample budget for education and IT, you choose your yearly amount of days off and there is a good chance that you will be persuaded to come to Castlefest. Do these things not scare you? Then give us a call!

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