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Agile TrailBlazers
Growing pains, self-management and ownership

4 years ago Ruud and Wiro started from 2 companies with the same philosophy. One company for people who want to work with a permanent employment contract, the other for freelance and midlance. TrailBlazers and FairItale. Ruud Rol takes you through his story of growing pains, self-direction and ownership. The dream With what dream did […]

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How do I get my team members to learn new things?

You have a team member who is not coming along very well. He or she is not motivated or does not feel like learning new things. You can deal with this in different ways. Martijn van Leeuwen is Scrum Master at TrailBlazers and likes to share his experiences with this topic. In this article, Martijn […]

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How to measure the results of a Scrum Master?

As a Scrum Master, how do you show that you are achieving results? Surely you want to show that you add value, otherwise they might as well not have hired you. But how do you do that? Or maybe you are curious about the results of the Scrum Master in your department. In this article […]

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#miniXPDay2022: the experiences of Ruud Rietveld

May 17, 2022 the Mini XPDay, a one-day conference for and by the Agile community, could finally be held physically again! TrailBlazer Ruud Rietveld did not let this one pass and traveled to neighboring Belgium to get inspired and meet peers. In this article he shares his experiences. The Mini XPDay is a one-day conference […]

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The Scrum Master Community of Practice

With every major change in a company’s way of working, there are groups with shared interests who come together to talk about their experiences. They help each other out with challenges, share new information or methods, test experiments, share results, and are each other’s shoulder to cry on when things get tough. The main objective […]

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