New address from 1/8/2022:
Loes van Marlestraat 14
1382 ML Weesp
The Netherlands
About us

Positive social impact, proactive, self-managing, agile and flexible employees, making important decisions together.

Unique way of working together.

Positive social impact, proactive, self-managing, agile and flexible employees, making important decisions together. We can talk about everything and many things are possible. Are you keeping up? At TrailBlazers we do everything our own way. And not because we really want to be 'different', but because this approach works. For us, for our partners, for the world. With our unique way of working together, we want to inspire others to experiment with and improve their company culture. Our happy employees make users smile, clients satisfied and the world a better place.

Positieve maatschappelijke impact

Positive social impact.

At TrailBlazers we do things a bit differently, that's for sure. But why, besides the fact that it works well, do we actually do that? Our common goal is making positive social impact. We not only want our partners to benefit from our unique way of working together, but we also want to make the world a more beautiful place. This may sound a bit abstract. But we assure you: it is not. We keep both feet on the ground and put these words into action through our innovation projects, such as RegMed XB and other initiatives.

Once upon a time...

There were two men with a passion for IT who wanted to do things differently. From doing things ‘as they should be done’, to doing beautiful things together. From an organization in which employees focus solely on deadlines, to one in which they focus on positive influence in abundance. A place where people can be themselves, so that they become truly empowered. TrailBlazers, the corporate child of Wiro van Schaik and Ruud Rol, was born in 2018 from a shared interest in sociocracy 3.0. In the following years, like-minded professionals and clients joined the party. We started with our TrailBlazers days, celebrated parties, made some fuckups and overcame challenges.

Passie voor IT

The TrailBlazers Years.

Two brand new TrailBlazers added to the team!

At the TrailBlazers Day on September 22 we were pleased to welcome Inmar Los as a new team member. Inmar starts November 1 and she will join Ruud and Wiro in TrailBlazers related matters, such as finance and human resources. Besides Inmar, we are also very happy with the arrival of Sam Dadfar. We secretly welcomed Sam already at the TrailBlazers day in August. He will start as a Java developer starting October 1.


The very first TrailBlazers day in Weesp

Our new place in Weesp was well inaugurated during the monthly TrailBlazers day. Quarterly figures were shared, inspiring sessions were given and appointments were made. Our friends from the branding agency Schwung came by to present the 3 initiatives that came out of the impact session and there was a lot of catching up to do. A beautiful, sunny TrailBlazers day in a very nice place!


We have moved!

All of our stuff left the Almere office, the door of the office has been closed for good and the building in Weesp has been taken into use. We have really moved now! We informed our business relations of our new accommodation with a VIP (Very Important Package)…


We received the key to our new office!

Yes indeed, we are moving! As of August 1, 2022, we will trade our office at the Wisselweg in Almere for a beautiful canal house in Weesp. This new place gives us more space to make a positive impact. Today Ruud Rol received the key with a big smile. A beautiful milestone for TrailBlazers!


Hey there, handsome.

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Wanna join?

Want to know more about our way of working? Or are you interested in working together and do you want to join us in our mission to make the world a more beautiful place? Contact Wiro or Ruud to discover what we can do for each other!

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