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The TrailBlazers way.

And maybe your way too? Our team, with the combined experience of more than 200 years in Java, Web and Scrum, is not afraid of a challenge. In fact, we love it. We maintain an open and engaged company culture, are eager to learn and like experimenting with new ways of working. Our software developers, scrum masters and agile coaches continuously adopt new technologies and methodologies.

De TrailBlazers way

In a nutshell.

But what exactly do those software developers, scrum masters and agile coaches do on a daily basis? TrailBlazers are working their bums off at all kinds of different organizations throughout the Netherlands. One TrailBlazer might be developing and improving Java software at the customers location, while another is coaching teams or entire organizations 'on the job' to work more Agile and according to Scrum.

Get to know our team!


It was a challenge to find someone with the right knowledge for our project, but luckily we could turn to TrailBlazers”

Deli Seesing (ICTU)
Deli Seesing (ICTU)

Newer than the new world”

Ruud Rietveld (TrailBlazers)
Ruud Rietveld (TrailBlazers)

People at TrailBlazers have a unique DNA. Independent and helpful”

Ewout Stolwijk (De Alliantie)
Ewout Stolwijk (De Alliantie)

Good enough for Ruud”

Joanne Boerstoel (Ex-TrailBlazer)
Joanne Boerstoel (Ex-TrailBlazer)

A network of knowledge.

A TrailBlazer gives you a great deal of knowledge. We are happy to share our knowledge with colleagues, team members, customers and the rest of the world. TrailBlazers work proactively, self-managing and agile. We can quickly adapt to a new situation. “We can talk about everything and many things are possible” is not only our company mantra, but also applies to how we collaborate with clients.

Een netwerk aan kennis

We help each other grow.

If you’re thinking: 'Damn, that sounds good!'. Well, that’s because it is. But it’s not for everyone. We are not going to sugarcoat it: our way of working has to suit you. TrailBlazers can take care of their own business and are therefore happy to do so. This does not mean that we cannot work well in a team, on the contrary. Helping each other grow, that's what makes us happy.

Sounds like something for you?

Could the TrailBlazers way also be your way? Do you want to grow together, learn from each other and maybe even make the world a more beautiful place? Contact Wiro or Ruud to discover what we can do for each other!

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