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Holland Hybrid Heart project in Focus on NPO2

On Thursday-evening, March 14, 2024, the Dutch TV-program Focus has payed attention to the Holland Hybrid Heart project, in which we as TrailBlazers play a humble part.

Although the succes of this project, largely depends on the inspiration and transpiration of clever medical experts, scientists and other specialists, we as TrailBlazers are very proud to be part of the consortium of medical institutions, universities and other organizations that are working on this project.

Because of a shortage of donor hearts, patients that are on the waitinglist for a heart transplant, die on a regular basis. Professor in heart surgery, Jolanda Kluin, asked herself the question: “Why can’t we develop an artificial heart to solve the shortage of donor hearts”. She now works together with other scientists to develop a soft tissue implantable artificial heart. A living layer of body’s own cells will grow on the inside. The soft inner lining has many advantages, like less risk on the occurrence of dangerous blood cloths and repulsion.

Can such an artificial heart replace a failing human heart in a couple of years?

See the trailer below or watch the program itself via the website of NPO Start.